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5 Low-Cost Ways Small Business Can Stand Out on Social Media

5 Low-Cost Ways Small Business Can Stand Out on Social Media

Small businesses are at the core of the finer things in life. But no matter what unique services or products you offer, it can feel nearly impossible to stand out on social media.

Large companies are able to dedicate thousands each month just on their social media appearance.

You might have wondered if you can even compete.

The short answer: of course. Although you might not have a big budget (or any budget) to put towards social media marketing, you’re not out of options.

All you need is a little creativity, which – as a small business owner – you have in spades.

Hosting Contests

The first suggestion gets to the heart of what people love more than anything, and that is free stuff. Or discounted stuff. Or exclusive stuff. In general, stuff is a great way to get people’s attention.

What you offer as your contest prize will depend on the nature of your business. Perhaps it’s a 15% discount on a roofing service or a free set of your most popular candles.

Make sure that whatever you choose is high-quality and convert a contest winner into a loyal customer. How does this help grow your follower count? State that people need to follow you and share the post to enter the contest.

Brushing up your look

Some larger companies have a team of outsiders and analysts constantly redoing their designs. It sounds good in theory, but those outside design teams rarely come up with designs that their customers connect with.

You, on the other hand, are close with your audience. Take the time to do a subtle revamp of your designs without feeling too pressured by industry standards.

Then make sure you update your design (and announce it) across all platforms. This includes any formatting in your emails and even your business cards. If you’re looking for a free option to create at-home printables, businesscards.co is a great option.

Collaborating with other brands

Remember when Hulu and Spotify first offered a combo package? Or when Doritos let Taco Bell turn their chips into taco shells? The point is that brand collaborations are effective.

Check out the accounts of people who engage with your social media accounts. Look for other brand accounts they enjoy and what businesses are operating in the same hashtags.

The daunting part for most is reaching out suggesting the collaboration. This free template and article shows you how to create the perfect proposal and land a branding buddy.

Engaging through livestreams

Think of some of the biggest, most recognizable brands you know. Do you know the face of the person who runs that business?

We’re willing to bet that you don’t. A company that big has grown out of having a single “face.” You, on the other hand, know everything about your business.

Leverage this by engaging directly with your audience through livestreams. Talk about your interests, answer questions, and help followers connect to you as a person and business owner.

Issuing an audience challenge

The ice bucket challenge. The cinnamon challenge. The mannequin challenge. These are some notable examples of challenges that seem to creep into everyone’s social media periphery.

You don’t have to create a global phenomenon to enjoy a similar outcome.

Instead, learn about challenge ideas and apply them to your niche. For example, a yoga studio could challenge their followers to film themselves trying a new flow, then ask them to tag a yogi friend.

Don’t fret over a small-to-nonexistent marketing budget. Instead, lean in to your authenticity and connect with your audience as only a small business owner can.