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Tips on Boosting Your Small Business Marketing

Tips on Boosting Your Small Business Marketing

The internet is crowded with ways to improve your marketing, often these are big companies looking to make a sale, and they don’t have your best interests in mind. Here are our top tips on boosting your small business’s marketing without getting caught up in spending a lot of money to do so.


The best thing you can do as a small business is to start researching every step you take in your marketing. Design an effective plan that works for your business. Take note of what you see works and doesn’t work for other businesses. Look at Google analytics to research your products and tag lines and find the perfect target audience. This is so important. Without a great target audience that you understand, you are not able to design a marketing plan that will draw them in. Ensure that you are marketing to as many people as possible, but only if they are likely to buy your products or use your services.


Collect emails by running quizzes and competitions on your social media sites, or from satisfaction surveys from your paying customers. Once you have a list of emails from an interested audience, you will be able to start sending out emails. Email is one of the most used methods of communication online. People check their emails on a daily basis and will often click on messages from businesses if they are interesting enough. Make sure that you do not spam people with countless messages that they aren’t at all interested in, or they will ask to be removed from your list and send you to the junk folder. Send out newsletters or small nuggets of information that are visually appealing. Add links to your website and social media accounts on the emails. If you want to, you can add money off coupons, which is a great way of turning your target audience into paying customers.


Make sure you have a logo that stands out and interests people in your business. For example, if you have a coffee shop, then look up other logos used by coffee businesses. Research why they designed them in that way, the colours and images they used. Get started with creating your own logo, here.

Use images from royalty free image sites. They have thousands of great images to choose from and they cost nothing to use. You can create professional-looking graphic design using these, without having to spend the money or time taking your own photos.

Use free graphic design tools to create striking content and infographics to post on your social media, website and on emails. Not having to pay for all of this can help small businesses to achieve great things. Especially as they then have the money to spend on other things like advertising.


Optimise your website to raise up the rankings of your search engine. This will make sure you are getting seen by your target audience. You should also be making sure your social media pages are active and that you are posting content on a daily basis to keep your business visible. You can do this yourself with some practice. Go on a free SEO course, like the one offered by Yoast. It gives you invaluable information and guides you towards optimising your writing and content.

You do not need to spend a lot of money to boost the marketing of your small business. Be alert to change and research new ideas on Google. The marketing game changes rapidly and there are a lot of new, free resources made available across the year. Keep looking up the newest and best ways to market your business without a hefty price tag.